Sunday, September 28, 2008

An old man

felt like an old man this week.
ran one of my 4km runs a bit quick for me at the mo (18.15).
sometimes when coming back from injury i tend to run a bit angry grrrrrrrr.

have just been generally sore since.
struggled through my 2 x 30min runs.
both knees just really struggling on the hard surface.
tight quads not helping.

took friday and saturday off.
ran today on soft walking track at the uni and felt a million times better.
also putting a lot of work into loosening things up.
have 4 days off work this week and will do more of the same.

monday: off
tuesday: 30min run
wednesday: 1hr bike
thursday: 30min run
friday: pilates and massage
saturday: off
sunday: 40min run

also felt old this week when i found out the hawthorn coach alistair clarkson was younger than me.
...which reminds me - well done hawks!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The definiton of being injured

is when you spend more time warming up and cooling down than running.
soon (i hope) i wont be injured.
40 min walk/run on tuesday and my first 'just run' day today for 20mins (well 4km in 18.55).
no problems with the itb at all.
felt good.

plan now is to do 20mins, 20, 30, 30, 40, 40 etc...
need to do 1 fartlek a week as a part of this.
whatever the fck that is ;)
alternate with exercise bike as i have been doing.
even got a bit cocky and asked the physio about doing the lamington run in 6 weeks (as a 44km outNback of course).
he thought for a while and said maybe.
and i think he actually meant maybe.
so at least i have something to look forward to now.
not sure if i'll make it tho from what the surgeon said a few weeks back that would be pushing things a bit.

had a fantastic weekend at glasshouse.
a bit tiring tho - 3 hours sleep in 3 days.
slept through the post race 'party' on the front deck of the unit.
well done to mellum who came 2nd and 5th.
crewing for spud was fun.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

So what's the plan, Stan?

plan is alternating bike/run&walk days so 3 each per week with 1 day off.
bike is going well even loaded up a bit more than my usual training session today.
actually starting to feel a tad fitter too.
got a bit competitive with someone running the same track around the morningside footy club the other morning: pleased when my walk/run beat her run.
i am indeed clutching at anything representing progress :)
next week will be spent buidling up to 40min walk/runs then yes you guessed it ... i can actually run non stop for 20mins.
how cool will that be.

...oh yeah and its glasshouse this weekend!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Groundhog Day

i have lived this day many a time.
trying to come back from injury.
trying to slowly build.
trying not to hurt anything else.
although admitedly i havent had my itb hacked into with a knife before :)

the brief version is i ran today.
usually i wouldnt post this anywhere for fear of jinxing myself but i have been making good progress lately.
i did a 'normal' bike training session on tuesday - 1 hour on 140-150 watts.
day off wednesday.
then did a 20min walk/run today without a problem.

going to talk to the physio this arvo about how i progress from here.
still another 8 weeks until i can 'go nuts' eg. hilly trail and see the surgeon a few weeks before that to see how i am going.
a lot of work to do between now and then tho.

only silly thing i have done is play golf this week: found out on the first tee that wasnt a good idea.
was ok when the knee warmed up i bit and i held back a tad.
still hit one 270m.
not bad for a scrawny little dude :)

just as i type this theres an add for groundhog day on foxtel.
how freaky is that.
lets just hope i dont return too soon :)