Saturday, July 09, 2011


it's sad that i checked a few days ago if it was the 3 months i had promised since last talking about my butt pain.
it's 3 months today.
and it's the same.

so 50km GH in july.
maybe MCAT in august.
then GH100km in september.
then i'm shutting down until it gets better.
yep stopping running probably 3-6 months.
in the meantime holding faint hope the hammy loading exercises will help.
pretty convinced it's tendinopathy now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So no trek south for GOW100 in Oct ... :-(

Never mind ... I think Duckgirl has been talked into the GH100 MILER !!!!
So if she is in then I guess I am too.... :-)

See you around ...

eat em

12:21 PM  

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