Monday, May 30, 2011


felt like heading out to brissie forest park for a 4Ts run: team tam torture test.
its 27.5km 1120m A&D (hilly!) and involves 4 ascents and descents from enoggera creek via hell hole break, black soil, scrub rd and centre break.
did it in that order today mainly as i wanted to do 'the tough bit' first rather than worry about keeping feet dry for longer.
as it happened the feet got wet at all 4 crossings anyway!!
it involves 2 loops (which i have done separately a few times) with a 1.5km or so section joining them up inbetween.
did it last year for the 1st time as an 'easy run' in 3.55.
although with >1100m climb and drop i felt it by the end.

today was 3.18 (3.18.47 to be precise)
now i know i pushed harder today but thats a huge improvement.
was originally doing the 2 loops individually in 2.00/1.40 when i first started doing them (unfit).
did a 1.15.53 for the hellhole break loop (10km) last tuesday which i was pretty impressed with.
and a 1.40 for black soil 3 weeks ago.
splits today were 0.34 (top HHB), 0.47 (start BS), 1.35 (start scrub), 2.26 (end BS loop), 2.37 (HHB), 3.18 finish.
so for the loops thats 1.39/1.15 which were both pbs in their own right (and 0.24 for joining the loops up).
and i guess that's what i am most pleased with.
it helped running parts of HHB climb, and all of black soil and scrub rd climbs.

warwick results are in and came 19th/163 in 48.54.
also bagged a 3rd in the old dudes age-group.
looked like a few turned up just to run the 10km so i don't feel so nasty now ;)

next race will be on the TW weekend.
currently a secret exactly what i am doing - a secret to me also.
unfortunately have work committments all other weekends in june.
all i will say is i may be racing off trail again...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome running dude ... maybe we should drug test you :-)

DG & I head out to Mt Macedon on sunday for the 50km - this has the potential to turn real ugly real quick - but hey it will be a challenge.

Enjoy training

Eat Em

9:24 AM  

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