Friday, July 15, 2011


have run 5 out of the last 6 days.
sunday - MGTT 2.03.25
monday - 14km flat
tuesday - massage
wednesday - 14km flat
thursday - 10km flat
friday - JRR 1.39

the mr g's torture test time is my 2nd quickest.
fastest was may 2010 in a 1.58.55 where i pushed hard from the word go.
this time i was simply aiming for a 2.15 or so and felt comfy all the way.
could've definitely got under 2hrs again had i wanted.
a strange combination of running well but chronically injured.
helped being a sunday lots of people around - if people are watching you're much more likely to run bits of kokoda (which i did) than slack off.

splits: (pb from may)
top hill 24.5 (22)
gate top highview 44 (41)
gap ck res 1.20 (1.16)
top kokoda 1.38 (1.36)


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