Monday, June 20, 2011


sri chinmoy 6 hour track 18.6.11 56.6km

long story short is this wasn't my best ultra.
far from it.
badly paced and the hard surface just played havoc with me in the second half.
managed 32km+ for the first 3 hrs and just basically fell apart.
got a really bad case of the walksies at 3.5hrs and went thru the mara in 4.06 (was hoping close to 3.50-55 which i did as a trot at GC last year) and felt terrible.
sore legs and nauseus.
not easy knowing kerrie and greg had just zoomed past looking fresh and 3rd was out of reach unless MUN really hit the crapper.
at one stage just felt like pulling over and stopping and having a cry.
thats what track does to me.
at least on the trail you have something to look forward to.
on the track theres nothing except another lap.

did a lot of walking in the 5th hour.
knew i wouldn't make 60km and was even looking at <55km at one stage!
i run further on hilly trail!!
just managed to keep 4th by running a bit more in the last hour.
laps: 27/28/25/24/15/21 divide those by 2.5 for km per hour.

funniest part of the day was when grant saw me there: did you bring your ipod?? he asked :)
and i did!
track sucks.

popped into TW after the race.
very very impressed with the organisation.
>100 cars at the finish at 8pm day 2.
heaps of volies around guiding walkers and crews and cars.
massage and podiatry still on hand...very impressed.
so i guess as per my comment in the previous post: with 700+ volies and >1100 runners it is kind of like organising a shuttle launch.


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