Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Taking Stock

3 weeks ago i sat back and looked at where i was.
sore butt, sore knee, 2 sore achilles.
an absolute frigging mess.
could hardly walk properly, likely run.
not so bad now the achilles are fine and the knee is settling.
not going to talk about the butt :(

running alternate days either 14km flat or 1 hour hilly.
at least once a week at coot-tha.
razorback is in 3 weeks.
i have often said that a week is a long time in ultras.
3 weeks is forever but having said this i am pretty sure i will be a dns at razor.
pity, its a cracker of a run.
but i really should use the time to slowly build for b2h.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Just what I needed

na pali coastline, kauai

view from room, kanapali beach maui

haleakala crater, maui

...2 weeks in hawaii.
the (wilderness medicine) conference/holiday double.
conference is in maui - kanapali beach (west coast) to be exact.
a very nice place indeed.
added 'the big island' to the trip 2 years ago.
have been to oahu before.
added kauai ('the garden island') to the trip this time.

did a total of an hour running the whole time.
just didnt really feel like it.
also had inflammed left ischial/glute, left patella (both for months now) and both achilles (from gow) so needed a rest.
did some walking around the infamous napali coast (kauai), the waimea canyon (kauai) and haleakala (10,000ft on maui).
paul every recently described the na pali coast as the most scenic hike he had ever done.
unfortunately most of the trail was closed but we did have a sneak peek.
at one stage TOH said to me: but i thought we were just going to look at the trailhead not go on a 2 hour walk.
too funny!

dont get quite the full blown wacky american experience in hawaii but close enough i guess.
never know why they have to drive you 100m to the rental car place at the airport.
but its just over there dude i can see it.
i can walk over you know!

it was nice having an even exchange rate.
not as bad as europe in terms of the 'screw you over tactics'.
eg. they dont bring out bread and water without asking then bill you for it like the italians.
they do tax everything though and prices dont include this.
also big on charging extra for the wifi and no you cant park your own damn car it is valet only - wtf?

kauai has a mountain on it about 5400ft which has 430inches of rain a year.
that sounds like a lot.
as the crow flies this was only 30km or so away from the hotel so lots of cloud nearby and some not infrequent showers.
maui was a lot more sunny.
we also got the free hotel upgrade to the suite...gold!!
nice to visit haleakala again decided not to do the dawn drive to see sunrise this year just drove up later and did some walking around the crater.
reminds me a lot of hardrock.

when will the americans go metric?
silly bunch arent they ;)