Sunday, May 22, 2011

ideal taper for 10km?

TOH has often said she's never seen me 'actually run'.
guess she often only sees me at the long events - walking in and out of checkpoints.
not only was i running here but i have a 'i am really trying' expression on my face.
killarney 10km ascent.

so did 30km run sunday.
then 20km hike thursday.
just general walking around++ inbewteen.
sat on a plane for 10hrs saturday.
arrived brissie midnight.
to bed just before 1am, up at 3.50am out the door 4.15am in killarney 6.50 for the 7.15am start (some roadworks, bad weather and a pit stop slowed me down).

have done a few warwick/kilarney 10km ascents before but never really tried to hammer one on 'fresh' legs.
was hoping for a sub48/top 20 (especially with noosa thinning numbers).

put on the racing flats.
hit the 1st km in 3.40 what the?? presume the marker was out.
next couple in 4.10-15 or so with the correction for the first.
was in about 18-20th i think hitting the hill at 4-5km mark.

only passed 2-3 on the way up: had gone out hard so expected this.
usually would be relatively stronger up hills than the flats but as tesso says 'the hill will stuff you anyway so you may as well head out hard' and that i did.

in turn got passed by the 2nd female at 8-9km with the lead female in a pack of 4 only 100-150m ahead and closing.
didnt quite have enough juice for the last km needed 4.15 to go sub48 but it had more uphill in it that i had remembered.
also put off a bit by being a fair way in front of the next person...
too much looking around :)

finished in 48.58 will wait for placings but close to 20th i think.
previous 'pb' was a recovery run of 55.23 in 2006 a week after 80km glasshouse.
nice to catch up with people.
hadnt seen yvette for a while!

so if i come home and have a 3 hour nap is that still a nap or if its over 2 hours should i just call that a 'sleep'.


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