Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Exqueeze me?

saw the physio yesterday.
thought i would be out for another week or 2.
try 4 weeks.
then bike 2 weeks.
then more walking.
exqueeze me?
then i dont wanna know after that...
basically another 3 months until i get to do something 'decent'

not too sure what a triathlong is jen.
it may well just be a spelling mistake.
but hearing it gave me visions of me on the bike in a thong.
and then i thought about that picture miners had on his blog a couple of years back.
for those who dont remember - think borat.
then i really started laughing.

have a case of the lazies at the moment.
my 2 hour kayaks are turning into 1 hour.
my 1.5km swims are turning into 1km or a no show.
couch sounds good :)

Thursday, January 08, 2009

My biggest fear

is becoming a triathlete.
this thought occured to me in the pool the other day.

...yes back in the pool.
and in/on the kayak.

did 4 run/walks on a soft surface and basically a no niggle turned into a small niggle after running then a niggle whilst running then a niggle whilst running and for the next day and you get the idea.
the physio has been away for a bit so will have a chat when he gets back.
looks like i need more time off running/bike maybe ?2-4 weeks.
who knows? :)
have stopped telling people i have bony oedema cos they just go WTF is that?
stress fracture sounds much better and may be closer to the truth anyway?

4 x runs over a week then...
thursday: easy bike 30mins
friday/sat/sun: nada
monday: 1km easy swim and massage
tuesday: kayak 1hr and pilates
wednesday: nothing

good luck to those at b2h and glasshouse this weekend.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

2008 the year that sucked

well it did!
started off with a bang at bogong.
had a lovely time at cradle/overland track with the other half.
unfortunately it all went to crap after that.
managed to inflame the itb at 6 foot.
turned up to alpine 100 with some cortisone in it and 9 months later i am still struggling.
guess it was just one of those years.
funny thing is i have done less ultras some years so i have had worse ones :)

bring on 2009!
thanks for all the support this year peoples.
has made a huge difference.