Tuesday, August 19, 2008


my sister in law tells me thats how its pronounced.
(not bay-zhing)

the short version is i can now do more (only 3 weeks post-op) than i could do before the op.
which is pretty pleasing.
i can now walk around work all day and do some bike and put the bins out (down the steep driveway) without pain.
and that dear blogger friends is progress!

started loading up on the bike this week.
up to half an hour but just a very light load at the moment.
aim would be to be able to do an hour on the 'usual' load within 2 weeks which is when i can start doing run/walks.

very hard not to trot just a few steps when im out walking the dogs.

and yes i have been watching the 'lympics whilst spinning :)

monday: 20mins bike
tuesday: 30mins
wednesday: off
thursday: 30mins
friday: 30mins with a bit of load (2)
saturday: off
sunday: 30mins (3)
monday: 30mins (2)
tuesday: first massage since op

had to laugh at the olympics piece 'pretty boy tom' did today on the men who walk around with their shirts half up.
very chinese - brought back memories of a few months back.
none of them had 6 packs.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

its not about the bike

well for me it is at the moment.
saw the surgeon on friday.
prelim plan was bugger all for another 2 weeks but he is now letting me hop on the exercise bike.
can even 'load up' in an other week and start pilates the week following.
still can't run for another 4 weeks and then its starting with run/walks.
something about collagen not healing on the edge of the itb wound and tearing the crap out of it and it bleeding and scarring and fcking me up big time.
so you can stop teasing me know whippet :p

interested to hear that when he cut it (at the back of it) it went 'twang'.
(his word not mine).
was expecting that to some degree: lots of tightness at the back that you cant really massage/roll out from the front.
guess that fits with why it wouldn't settle and gives me hope that this will give me some relief long term.
not pleased to hear that there was some scar tissue actually inside the knee joint (in the lateral gutter next to the itb).
either it was just all so inflammed that it spread or it was from some wayward cortisone.
he decided to leave it alone tho.

MCAT (mt coot-tha all trails) fatass this weekend.
i was chief crewie.
4 starters in the full with blair doing his first ultra.
a nice day out there.
looks like the course is 47km ish with 2000+ ascent/descent (1 measure of 1900 with baro and another of 2250 with gps).
per km thats hillier than bogong-hotham (tho admittedly the terrain is easier).
all 4 ran together to finish in 7.16

elevation profile.

hilly enough for ya?
(lookout trail)

friday : 10mins bike
saturday : 15mins bike

Saturday, August 02, 2008

the fat cripple

TOH started calling me that yesterday.
admittedly with a smile on her face :)

topped the scales at usual+7kg this week but i'm suspicious someone has been fiddling with them as checked just now and am +4kg.
have been doing lots of core and a bit of upper body stuff whilst injured and TOH caught me looking at myself in the mirror and feeling my pecs the other day.
as spud says (frequently) .... i really need to get back running!

will be interesting to see if this benefits or hinders my running when i get back.
gotta haul those few extra kilos up bogong at some stage.

now a week post-op and managed to walk the dogs (about 3.5kms) yesterday.
got out on the usual hanut near kangaroo point and it was somewhat inspiring to see people running past.
when the mum with the stroller left me for dead i didnt feel so good tho ;)

it is a funny experience having a running-related op.
you are so immobile afterwards and every day you (hopefully) seem to make such giant steps forward.
very easy to see progress but the reality is youre still a loooooooooong way from being 'back'.

seeing the surgeon next friday and will discuss a plan for when i can start to spin then run/walk etc...
cant wait.