Monday, July 25, 2011

the 1-legged hobble

glasshouse 50km 24.7.11 6.12.08 29th/49

basic summary is my easy training run last year in 5.50 seemed much cruisier than my 6.12 this year.
this years course was a km or 2 longer but basically i struggled with knee pain.
had some 'knee tightness' this last week, enough to wake with an ache 1.30am race morning which was somewhat disruptive!
ached the whole way but didn't get too problematic until 30km when it was painful to extend my knee which meant i was trying to lift my upper leg higher to compensate then my buggered hammy was complaining! :(

anyhoo...saw the physio today and agrees the itb is a bit inflammed which is usually terrible news but i am almost painfree today (usually bad itbfs would have me hobbling/much worse the day after) and thinks its all superficial.
still should have some extra room in the deep part from the op in 2008.
he loosened the knee/popliteus up and hopefully things will settle.
happy to run with 1 bad injury just not 2!
aim is still to do gh 100km in september but will have to back off for a week or 2.
if things don't settle quickly i will do an early shut-down.

Friday, July 15, 2011


have run 5 out of the last 6 days.
sunday - MGTT 2.03.25
monday - 14km flat
tuesday - massage
wednesday - 14km flat
thursday - 10km flat
friday - JRR 1.39

the mr g's torture test time is my 2nd quickest.
fastest was may 2010 in a 1.58.55 where i pushed hard from the word go.
this time i was simply aiming for a 2.15 or so and felt comfy all the way.
could've definitely got under 2hrs again had i wanted.
a strange combination of running well but chronically injured.
helped being a sunday lots of people around - if people are watching you're much more likely to run bits of kokoda (which i did) than slack off.

splits: (pb from may)
top hill 24.5 (22)
gate top highview 44 (41)
gap ck res 1.20 (1.16)
top kokoda 1.38 (1.36)

Saturday, July 09, 2011


it's sad that i checked a few days ago if it was the 3 months i had promised since last talking about my butt pain.
it's 3 months today.
and it's the same.

so 50km GH in july.
maybe MCAT in august.
then GH100km in september.
then i'm shutting down until it gets better.
yep stopping running probably 3-6 months.
in the meantime holding faint hope the hammy loading exercises will help.
pretty convinced it's tendinopathy now.