Sunday, February 20, 2011


officially out of alpine.
got a blood plasma/PRP injection to the left hammy on thursday and realistically doesnt leave enough time to recover.
from what i am told its 1 week completely off 1 week gentle (so no alpine training run next weekend) then nothing major for 6 weeks.
so its simply silly to commit even to the 100km.

will be interested in the ultrasound report when i see it but the PRP injection dude seemed somewhat excited about the appearance of my hammy tendon and mentioned something about fluid and said 'thats where the money is' and he wasnt looking at my wallet.
i was more focused on the big needle he was about to stick in there to pay complete attention.

regardless the PRP is something obvious to try and certainly the hip surgeon thinks its hammy tendinopathy not bursitis.

ran a fair bit the week before.
still fine running, not sitting.
ran 5 days in a row from memory including a slowish 2.24 MGTT on tired legs.
still running well, will get back into it shortly.
no long stuff though.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


mt glorious trail run last weekend.
unfortunately due to trail (and road) damage up at northbrook parkway the planned new course was changed to a double out and back down joyners ridge rd from mt glorious.
was a 31.5km 1080A 1050D so a bit flatter than previous races but still a tad hilly!

did a training run out there wednesday doing one 15km loop in 1.43 (43 down 60 back up) so was hopefull of doing 3.30-3.40 for the 2 x 15km out and backs plus 1.5km singletrack/climb to finish.
a bit worried at the pre-race briefing standing in the sun already feeling hot but i guess when you expect the worst things are rarely quite that bad.
still pretty hot and humid for me i suck in hot weather!

had trouble coming up with a game plan but settled on the following (with times)
1. push hard 1st 7.5km downhill (always terrible on downhills) 0.38
2. solid trip back up without completely stuffing myself 0.52 (1.30)
3. relax on the way back down 0.41 (2.11)
4. go nuts 0.57 (3.08) then 13 mins to the finish 3.21 33rd/119
so thats a 8min positive split which is ok.
still feel like i am running well.

a great turnout lots of part time trailies out there which is fantastic.

saw the hip surgeon the friday before and basically he thinks i have hammy tendinopathy.
the problem is it doesnt always show up on mri or uss and he thought we should treat my butt pain as such.
the initial bursitis on uss can often co-exist with tendinopathy.
diagnostic local injection just in the hammy this time (not sloshed around the bursa) worked really well (well for 90mins anyway) so now heading for a blood plasma (PRP) injection.
still hoping i have enough recovery time to head down for a similar pre-alpine training weekend i did last year.
not as bad as i thought basically a week off running then pretty quickly back into it.
need to sort out the 'hammy rehab' too.
here's hoping.