Saturday, August 28, 2010

Great Walk!

did the sunshine coast hinterland great walk last weekend.
TOH had a work meeting/weekend up at montville.
got a lift up to the mapleton forest drive entry and did the scenic 'loop' first then headed down south to baroon pocket dam near where we were staying.
all up 53km and 1800/2000 A&D.
took 8.18 which seemed a bit long but it wasnt exactly a flat/nontechnical course.
mostly singletrack, some sections reminded me a little of lamington but not quite as rainforesty or tree-rooted.
some road sections near the end... very nearly popped into a cafe or 2.
only downside was the brown tankwater i drank.
not sick yet so presumably sterilisation was successful (touch wood).

some more of the glute/butt pain mystery has been solved.
the pain locaised to my ischial tuberosity over the last 2 weeks.
you know the bit that hurts after sitting on a bike seat too long.
long story short got an ultrasound and cortisone injection there yesterday.
after talking to the physio i initially decided not to go down that path - i am running fine and didnt want to risk making things worse.
but the problem is i just can bloody well sit down!!!!!!!!!!!
ran 8hrs last saturday just fine but when i got back to the unit i couldnt bear to sit :(
as mellum said it adds new meaning to the saying 'beware the chair' in ultras and may be an advantage as its too painful to sit and rest :)
the scan confirmed no hammy or glute tendinosis which is good and just a very inflammed butt bursa.
pretty sore today post injection but was fine running this morning.
hopefully things will settle fully in 2-3 more days.
i assume this is what has been narking the area up these last few months.

yes mark i am going to gow: look forward to seeing you and DG there.
haven't mentioned this until now but i have entered GH, GOW and GNW 100 milers.
simple plan really: try and keep going until i either finish them all or fall apart trying.
plan is to take it easy at GH (28-29hrs) in 2 weeks.
wont do much between now and then just de-niggle myself.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Going the triple play - well done.
One year I will step up to a true '100' ... 100 miler that is ... :-)

Take it easy at GH ...
DG & I were talking to Nick Thompson last week - he has run GH a few times ans was busy trying to convince us to do it ...



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