Wednesday, May 19, 2010


talking about running here not the fact that i look so young ;)

Glasshouse 80km 16.5.10 10.28 14th/24
it's taken me 8 years to run 1000kms at glasshouse (50km may 2002).
the 9th person to do it.
currently kerrie morris (hall) is top of the table with 2378km.
her and 'hermie' are the only two >2000kms.

i would like to think it underlines the fact that although i have missed a lot of races through injury i have actually been around a while.
...and hope to be around a while longer.

not a lot to talk about regarding the race itself.
3am starts are just terrible: not much sleep before.
get home late in the arvo so hard to have a quick nap before bedtime.
didn't run my best race at all.

it's been a while since i have been passed in the 2nd half of an ultra and (although admittedly just after the halfway mark) on this occasion it was by 3 people.
had some left hammy pain/stiffness from about 4hrs and struggled a bit to be honest.
couldn't seem to place my left foot down properly then couldn't 'power-down' especially on ups.
initially i thought it was a piri problem (hence my comment to cp6 that i needed to sit down and stretch my 'arse muscle') but its quite clear now the medial hammy +- adductor is just as tight as hell.
probably the MGTT pb a week before had an effect as well as some pilates the friday before.
and yeah ok maybe i needed to actually do a run over 2hrs in training in the preceeding 2 months ;)

limped around work monday/tuesday the hammy just pulls up/stops the left foot from landing in its usual forward position but its settling down now and went for a 7km trot today.
so the plan of trotting merrily to a sub-10hr 80km then backing up for a fast (sub 50min) killarney 10km hill climb was never going to happen!
still plan on going to warwick but will just need to take it easy.
think i have jogged a 55min there before post ultra.
60 sounds good.


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