Monday, June 07, 2010


wtf is wrong with people these days?
hello i have just run 5km for the first time.
can i run a marathon in 2 months?
or can i run a 2 hour marathon in a couple of years.
what the fuck?
its hard to know what are the pisstake threads and which ones are real.
please please tell me some of them are pisstakes.
can someone please remind me never to read beginner threads on CR ever again.
i just keep getting older and crankier every day :)
end of rant.

oh and while i remember probably a poor choice of words last post... i meant long time friends :)

butt ache is settling.
got some needles last week (ouch) and saw the physio who agreed that its not a piri syndrome per se.
just a narky glute med mainly and inflammed ?sacrospinous ligament.
it didnt like a MGTT last monday so have stuck to the flat/road this week and run alternate days.
btw my usual 14km running route has been changed because of cycling path works so now run through the gardens and its probably knocked a bit off.
i will henceforth refer to it as 13.5kms :)

monday: MGTT 2.18
tuesday: 13.5km flat 1.09ish and butt needles
wednesday: off
thursdau: 13.5km flat and physio
friday: off
saturday: 13.5km flat 1.09ish
sunday: off, gentle walk/run with the husky
monday: 23-24km flat just over 5's


Blogger Yvette said...

I'll settle for old friends if I can be one of the exalted gang.

6:20 PM  
Blogger Bellthorpe said...

I have bad news for you.

Not one of those threads is a pisstake. They all believe that couch_to_marathon in one easy step is the way to go.


11:09 AM  

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