Monday, August 09, 2010

Are you human?

12 Foot Track 7th August 14.52 90km 3400 A&D

are you human?
seemed an appropriate question at the time.
was just approaching pluvi on the way back.
trotting along using my poles.
2 hikers had seen a few runners come through by then and had sussed out that we were all loonies.
i replied that some of the people ahead of me may not be though i certainly was!

its quite a quick trip really.
hour and a bit on the plane.
1.30-2hrs int he car from the airport.
duct-tape the etag to the windscreen and youre all good.
too easy.
stayed at leura for the weekend.
fly in friday - run saturday - fly back sunday home in time to walk the dogs.

overall impression of this race is how damn slow i am.
way too many people (innes, horrie, brick to name a few) passed me going up a hill with great ease.
that sucks.
was aiming for 14hrs and decided pre-race to push this one hard unlike GCM and GH50km in recent weeks.
wanted a 6.20 first half to give me a chance at a sub14 but had to push to even get there in 6.43 and a 15hr plus was then on the cards.

got back up the hill ok and could run/trot down to pluvi but struggled a bit down to the creek and then really struggled descending from mini to the river.
just couldnt get up any speed downhill at all and used it as an excuse to have a snack and much needed look at the beautiful view of the escarpment.

always thought i could do a sub 3 back from the river but walked almost every step so a 3.15 wasnt too bad considering
went over the swingbridge both ways which was probably a good thing consering the water temperature.
tried to break into a run a few times along the road section after megalong valley rd but found i was slowing down by doing this!

nellies is just a brute to get up.
swearing, sweating and heartrate at the max.
never had the feeling of it 'going on forever' though: however steep it is its not like climbing mt feathertop on the second morning.
kept thinking this to myself.

splits were 6.43 and 8.09 for a 14.52
it really puts into perspective how quick spud can go: sub 5 down then a sub 6 back.
that is really quick.
how the frig can anyone get back sub 6?
takes me over 3hrs even from the river!
maybe spud is superhuman!

glad i brought the poles, and the new headlamp (ayup) worked well.
sub freezing at the start (-3 apparent temp) and +1.2/-1.7 at the finish.
lots of support out there but had planned for a self-supported day so just carried everything (the usual alpine kit minus epirb) and filled up from the tanks.
didn't stop at caves house just tapped the green fence with a pole and turned around.

great to see keiron and jan again: brings back fond memories of thos early 2000s glasshouse years.
met dutchie and karl (of aawt fame) and quite a few other CRs.
a nice course - the unfortunate thing about pushing hard all day is you dont get to enjoy it as much as you should.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still a great effort UCB ...

Are we seeing you at GOW100 in Oct ...?

Take care

Eat Em

11:58 AM  

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