Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Undercover Pacer

ran glasshouse 50km on the weekend.
things went pretty much to plan except some arse ache when sitting down over the following 2 days or so.
including a 0.25 for beerburrum ran a slight neg split (2nd loop 2mins quicker) and felt very comfy until the last hour or so.
finished just uner 5.50.
felt as good at the 5 hour mark of this as the 3.5hour mark of the 80km a few months back which is reassuring.
did get some needles in the butt yesterday and seeing the physio again this week.
it's ok to just stumble on i guess but if i plan to continue to build over the next month or so i don't want to come to grief.

blair had to pull out of pacing the 1.50 brissie HM bus so i will be doing my first ever pacing duties on sunday.
have always prided myself at how i can keep pace on road stuff without much effort and no gps help so we'll see what a little bit of pressure does :)
i'm not really an encouraging/cheerleader kind of personality though better bring my happy face that day!

booked flights etc... for 12 foot.

and tam we should run the 4Ts before glasshouse hey!


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