Sunday, July 18, 2010


ultra running is all about adaptation.
you need to adapt to doing stuff that is completely unnatural well in the 21st century anyway.
initially its mostly physical.
the body needs to get used to the punishment.
i think a lot of what happens later is mental.
finding new challenges and how to overcome them.

you still need the physical side though.
did 120km this week.
havent done that for ages.
glute is still probably only 90% at the moment.
did 2 long runs in brissie forest park.
did a 'double loop': black soil/scrub and the centre rd/hell hole (aka whippets whinge).
did the loops last year in 2.00 and 1.40 so with 0.25 it takes to join the loops up (4.05 total) a gentle trot in 3.55 shows how much fitter i am this year.
will need to come up with a name for this run.
its a nice hard run.
i am thinking the team tam torture test (4T) maybe.
all the flat runs this week were 1.09-1.11 so 5.10s or thereabouts.

monday: 13.7km flat
tuesday: 3.55 bris forest park 4T run and massage
wednesday: pilates
thursday: 13.7km flat
friday: 3.00 bris forest park- went for a bit of an explore augies rd down towards the mermaid mt turnoff
saturday and sunday both 13.7km flat

will settle down a bit this week until GH 50km saturday anyway.
will do it slowly probably add 30-40mins to usual time.


Blogger Jen_runs said...

Adaption rocks. I certainly couldn't have imagined that I would be riding 500+km each month not that long ago.

Good luck for your short run at GH ;)

8:24 AM  
Blogger Tamyka Bell said...

Team Tam Torture Test is a great name. When can I come for a trot?

11:07 AM  

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