Monday, August 09, 2010


became a roadie temporarily at brissie HM last weekend.
paced the 1.50 bus (5.10/kms) after blair pulled out due to injury.

i pictured a group of 10-15 running with me the whole way.
and that i would be shit scared at the start and gradually get used to it.
but it was the opposite.

felt very relaxed before and at the start.
even had a 2 second thought about tessos offer to pace the 4hr mara instead!
slight hiccup when one of my balloons popped before the start.
is that a bad omen or what!

a handful announced that they were keen for a sub 1.50.
planned on crossing the start at 40secs and did this with a few spare seconds.
had to watch out for some power cables just above head height at the startline - quite a hazard for the balloons/pacers!
saw an old workmate in the first few kms: you expect to see running friends out there but not workmates so it was a clashing of worlds.

was comfy to the gardens (13km) when i noticed one or two dropping off the back.
it is hard to keep an eye on things when whenever you turn around you see these bouncing blue balloons obstructing your view!
relaxed/slowed up over the bridge as we had a good 30secs to spare on gun time.
a few asked how on target we were at this stage.
started to leak a bit of time here planning on as close to a 1.50 as possible.
there were a few who had been huffing and puffing the whole way and i didnt want to loose them on the kangaroo point loop.

got to the 15km marker and (apparently) had done a 4.40 for the last km.
looked around and had strung them out a bit.
bugger maybe i did?!?
couldn't believe i had gone that quick and thought it was the single-file/narrowness along there.
was pretty nervous until the 16km marker and quickly realised how hard this job can be.
you cut things pretty fine to the gun time and if a marker is out by 50-60m or so which they often can be it can certainly stuff things up.

back on track at the 16km, (15km was indeed out) most had caught back up on the wider path and still had some time to spare.
a few pushed ahead in the last 2-3km, whilst i leaked a few secs here and there and had a nice 5.50 (20km marker) for the last 1.1km to drag some people home.
obviously did a little too much encouraging and coming around the last corner to see the clock tick over to 1.50.00
bugger! crossed 7secs later thinking i had stuffed the timing up but no-one missed out on a sub 1.50 net because of it indeed hopefully i encouraged a few to hold on for a sub 1.50.
pleased to see a few other pacers being a bit over gun time.
amazing how 'the group' changed over the race.
probably only 3-4 people with me from the 3km mark right through to the finish.

not sacked just yet ;)


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