Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Comfort Zone

stepping out of my comfort zone this weekend.
haven't done a mara for almost 10 years and will make my return at the gold coast.
the first one was (as is often the case) a bit of a disaster and walked the last 12kms :)
it sucked.
that was 2001.
have only run ultras since.
almost all off road.

i havent tapered.
i have done only one long run >25km on road in the last few months.
and that ended with some tendon issues and an unplanned day off.
still have not recovered 100% from the arse/sciatic nerve thingy.
and basically i have no idea what i am doing :)

in my favour (with 2 ultras in the upcoming 5 weeks) i am just planning to trot.
and i am pretty fit at the moment.
hoping for a 3.50 or thereabouts and if the butt stays good should be no problem.
if not the car will be parked at the 32km mark!

friday: 33km flat road 3hrs
saturday: off
sunday : 7km race 9th/56 lake manchester and easy 10km 52.00 afternoon
monday: off
tuesday: 13.7km 69.00
wednesday: 13.7km 71ish
thursday: off
friday: 23km 2.05 easy
weekend off
easy week this week.


Blogger Jen_runs said...

A road marathon? You realise you are going to have to leave the gaiters, map bags & camelbak at home ;-)

Good luck & have fun x

9:39 PM  

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