Wednesday, May 12, 2010


positano: amalfi coast

lunch on the trail - isle of capri

valley of watermills

view of 'marina grande' (capri) from up on the escarpment

one of these in every hotel room!

i am the anti-italian.
i don't drink coffee.
i don't drink alcohol.
i don't shout and carry on.
i see my family maybe twice a year.
although admittedly sometimes i don't mind a nap during the day :)
at morning breakfast they ask you if you want a coffee and when you say no thanks they look at you like you're a freeking alien.

italy is a funny place.
our guide tried to 'sell' naples to us.
couldn't get out of the place quickly enough.
sure we didn't see the crime that it's famous for (apparently unwarranted).
was even somewhat disappointed that my 'dummy' wallet didn't get nicked the day we walked through the 'bad streets'.
but there is rubbish and graffitti everywhere.
and random screaming all hours of the night.
i don't think anyone is being murdered i think they are just saying hello and having a conversation.
hard to tell with the italians if they are cross with one another or happy.
just a chaotic place.

went at a more quiet time of year than last time and made it much more relaxing.
last time we were in rome it was hot, overcrowded and it was the end of the trip: had just had enough.
enjoyed ourselves much more this time.

the traffic isn't quite beijing but it's close.
took me a while to figure out the italians have absolutely no consideration for one another but they are extremely tolerant.
sort of the opposite to here.
saw quite a few pedestrians crossing at the lights in front of several lanes of traffic whilst the cars were on green.
not a single toot or swearword.
not that that would ever happen here but if it did someone would get out of their car and beat you up with a wheellock.
tiny tiny streets out at amalfi coast: hardly enough room for 2 cars likely 2 buses trying to pass one another with people walking 3 abreast on the side of the road.
the islands were even worse: gazetted roads that were more footpath.
everyone owns these little 3 wheeled trolley carts there.

italian men wear funny clothes.
lots of brightly coloured synthetic puffy vests being worn.
lots of hair products used.
even sore a labourer wearing pink jeans and a white tshirt.
would get beaten up here.
or find themselves a manfriend.

all very entertaining.

back to earth now and have glasshouse 80km on this weekend.
then plan is to run killarney 10km hill run the sunday following.

broke the MGTT pb by quite a significant margin (8mins) on saturday.
for the record did a 1.58.55 with splits of 22!! (road) 41 (end highwood rd) 1.16 (gcr) 1.36 (top kokoda).
1st time i have really attacked the course.
not suprisingly was completely shagged at the end.
well was completely shagged at the bottom of kokoda to be honest.
MGTT (18.7km 630A&D) can hurt you.


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