Sunday, March 27, 2011

Square 1

oops sorry mark we should've done the run-outdoor gear shopping thing!

long story short is the bum pain is the same.
PRP injection has made no difference.
back to running 14km or so (flat) - did mostly 10kmers last week.
feeling ok.
current plan is pretty much to just plug on like last year.
run some short ultras and sit on my pillow.

whippet did a 'consolation run' this weekend.
the 210km great dividing trail (ballarat to bendigo).

next 'race' hopefully will be pinnacles (18km) in 2 weeks which will just be a 'keep it together' jog really.
will be much slower than last year.
have entered the 44km at 'the prom' but looking at the news the other day this won't be happening!
had also entered mt solitary (5 days before the prom) so my mind has switched to doing this now.
sorry again mark!
will make a formal decision in a week or so when more is known about the prom i guess.
edit: the prom's off.


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