Saturday, April 09, 2011

Square 1.5

back to doing some reasonable training.

friday: pinnacles 18km course brissie forest park 2.10 easy (1st hills since bogong)
saturday: 13km flat
sunday: off
monday: 17km flat 5.00-10s
tuesday: 11km flat
wednesday: 11km flat
thursday: off
friday: 7km easy
saturday: pinnacles 1.59

so kept it easy today - was 13mins slower than last year on the anti-clockwise course.
felt strong all the way.
am starting to bore even myself taking about 'the arse' so refuse to for the next 3 months at least.
mt solitary in 2 weeks have booked flights etc...
looking forward to it.
hope i don't get swept by mellum :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No problem UCB...

Have a great run in two weeks.

You should check out the 'new' Mt Macedon run 30km or 50km that Brett Saxon is RD of.
Course seems preet tough - Chilli has been out course checking and has commented on the terrain etc.
It is on first weekend in June.
Otherwise see you at GOW ....

Eat Em

12:02 PM  

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