Thursday, May 12, 2011

What the...a pb?!?

decided to measure out a 14km outNback course on the southside the other day.
my usual northside jaunt of thornton st kangaroo point over the goodwill to regatta and back (pb 61.20) is blocked in a couple of places and will be so for a while.

figured thornton st via southbank to the brisbane roadrrunners start/finish at the sth brisbane sailing club was pretty close.
took the garmin out last week and sure enough hit 7km just past the usual roadrunners startline.
for some reason only got 6.8km on the way back in part due to taking the road rather than the riverside footpath but figured there was a mismeasure.

today went out a bit harder than usual especially since a biggish dude wearing a longsleaved jacket was fartleking in front of me.
looked a bit too much like bleakman not to chase him.
caught him after a while and before i knew it was moving reasonably fast but still comfy.
we split at 2.5km and kept moving thinking i would reach 1/4 way in 16.30 or so and looked down when nearly there only to see the watch tickover to 15...what the?

first thought other than holy crap was to decide to keep pushing for a bit before switching off for a 63-64 total.
bit unsure how accurate the measure was the other week.
got to the go between bridge and the legs started to hurt but kept speeding up and wondered what 1/2 way time i would get.
decided to add on an extra 50m or so to halfway hoping not to go under distance and got there in 30.45 and thought game on!

turned and was really feeling it a few mins later.
couldnt help notice some council trucks moving in to potentially block off some of my new route on this side of the river which i had only just gotten used to.
realised at 10km/go-between bridge that the pb would be bloody hard work.

3/4 came in 46.15 and was just gritting teeth by now.
needed to come back in the same time low 15s.
felt like i was moving fast on the flat but any slight incline was a bloody struggle.
messed up my splits at the goodwill bridge (2km to go) thinking i had a 8.30 to go for the 'pb equivalent' but i actually had a spare minute.
finished in 60.18 (splits 15.10, 15.35, 15.30, 14.03).
so i guess the splits are a tad funny and long story short with the measure (downloading the run from the other week) its probably 150m or so under the 14km!!
and it's a different course anyway so not beating an old pb but making a new one on a new course.
hmmmm still a pretty nifty time though i could crawl 150m in a minute.
and if i remeasure and it's less than that i'm not telling!

and with a couple of hilly 10kmers coming up: warwick/killarney and mt coot-tha makes me think about going to the darkside for a brief while...
EE will give mt macedon some thought tho...


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