Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Too far south

headed out to brisbane forest park on saturday.
bit of a late decision - was going to do a longish mt coot-tha run initially then i got started looking at maps friday night and a 3hr jaunt turned into 3-4 turned into... you get the idea.
figured it was too late to email/text for some company.

decided to head out to mermaid mountain from gold creek reservoir entry.
hadnt been out to that section for years - the last time was with 'team tam' in january the year bogong was cancelled due to the fires.
it was supposed to be a 4hr run that day but turned into a 6+hour effort on a very hot day.
that day we started from the top of sth boundary rd and came down augies rd so different entry point this time.

no problems getting to mermaid mt other than a face full of spiders.
and a slight deviation off the map a few kms before, at the edge of a property.
got there in about 1.35 and decided to crack on to lake manchester and finish the loop via cabbage ck trail etc... back up to sth boundary rd.
figured it would be a 4.30hr+ effort.
just beautiful views of lake manchester from the ridgeline and looked forward to the downhill run to it.

started going down the second really steep/glissadable section and seemed to be heading too far south.
the trail should be heading west at some stage and obviously there was a 'new' south-running trail on the park boundary that wasn't on the map.
in hindsight i did see the 'correct' trail on the way past but was more focussing on not losing footing down the steep bit and it was a good >100m north of where it should be via gps so didnt pay due attention to it.
and to be honest it didnt look that appealing to go down :)

went another 1-1.5km further before realising it may be a while until i reached lake manchester from that direction! and my 4hr+ run could turn into something much more especially with all the rain and some swollen creeks to cross.
on the way back up i vaguely remember us making a similar mistake a few years back - which may have led to the time blowout then :)
was thinking at the time how hard it would be to nav the narly sections of aawt with map/compass only with bugger all visibility and no discernable trail.

hauled myself back up the two 'steeper than kokoda' sections and back home.
was kind of nice getting back to the 'easy' pinnacles course section even though had done it just that morning.
at least it was spider free now.
amazing how easy that seciton feels after the steeper stuff.
did 28km in a bit over 4hrs. 1300m up and down.
a good hitout for mt sol next easter weekend.

sunday off
monday 1hr tready befoe work
tuesday 11km flat
wednesday MGTT 2.16 and massage
thursday off
friday off
saturday 4.07 BFP
sunday 9km easy


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