Sunday, January 16, 2011


thornton st ferry kangaroo point thursday 6am

same place looking east. this is where i start my usual 14km run.

same place saturday 8am. the drinking fountain is no longer >1m under water.

hard not to comment on whats been happening this last week.
returned from bogong monday night.
just horrified by the footage of the 'inland tsunami' in toowoomba and lockyer valley.
this was the middle of the toowoomba cbd.
on top of the frigging 'range'.
there is no river/creek there it was just flash flooding.

all hell broke loose in brissie tuesday.
i was supposed to work 8.30am to 11pm (had some teaching work in the morning then an evening shift) but things were delayed so went in later (10) and just before heading in heard two things on the tv from the premier that i preferred not to...
1. the brissie river has just broken its bank
2. modelling shows the floods will be worse than 1974
things seemed to go from defcon 1 to 10 in about a minute from then on.
did what i had to at work initially.
headed home at 2pm to check on the dogs (it was pissing down) and the cbd (and other large sections of brissie and ipswich) had been evacuated so it was like peakhour x 3 fold.
headed back in a little late as i didnt know if the nightshift could come in and i would have to work all night.

got home ok that evening and realised as i had been away we had bugger all food in the house!
joined the masses for the panic shopping wednesday 8am and predictably got called into work as 4/5 docs had called in unavailable that day.
work was 'interesting', patients tended to stay at home but just as well as trying to contact people when phone and paging systems were down was problematic. lots of staff had trouble getting in so a lot of usual services were running very slowly.
we had power 'issues' that evening as icing on the cake (slow service was better than none).
the power had gone out at home at 1pm but TOH had arranged a generator from her brother.

in the end we knew we would be high and dry by a long way and pleasingly the peak at 4am thursday was less than predicted.
didnt get called into work that day which was good and we only lost power for a little over a day.
so we werent 'affected' at all really but its good for me to type this and remember an important time in history that will unfortunately be the present for a lot of people for a while.
condamine flooded for the second time yesterday.

...and there is still more rain coming this week.


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