Thursday, January 06, 2011


view from main island lookout hamilton is.

spent a week in the whitsundays for my 40th.
some nice trail on hamilton and hayman islands.
got back into some regular 'training' with lots of time on feet.
couldnt resist having a crack at a fastish 'passage peak' time whilst on hamilton and got up there in 23.10.
most of my runs were over 9min/km which says a bit about how hilly these are and hot/humid the conditions.
blue pearl bay on hayman is just wonderful.
a few yachts off shore but the first day we were the only ones on the whole beach.

friday: (hamilton) 1.07 run plus 2.5hr walk
saturday: off
sunday: 1.07 run
monday: (hayman) 2hr walk
tuesday: 1.25 run and 2hr walk
wednesday: off

will head down to mt beauty/tawonga for B2H this weekend: though will only do the 35km (B2L).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a great run at B2L .. sorry Michelle & I won't be there

Take care

Eat Em

8:02 AM  
Blogger anelike said...

damn - REALLY - like, REALLY!!! all the way to the whitsundays - and you dont say hi!!! guess that ends fridays in september for me now :P
40!? you dont even look that - seriously.
i thought you were closer to kid than adult! :)
hope you enjoyed hammo - maybe the running there has excited you enough to head back and take part in the hilly half now or the whitsunday great walk race :D

happy 40th

5:01 PM  

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