Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Playing Hookie

felt like i was playing hookie today.
gee i hope mick or digger dont read this.
had entered the victoria pt HM but just couldn't face 21km of hot concrete.
forecast was for 29 degrees and 60% humidity for 9am (race started 7.15am).
due to a busy week at work had pieced together some rather crappy training mostly on concrete bike paths.
yesterday ran for an hour along minnippi parklands which was nice as i hadnt been there much before but just coudlnt face the same again today and felt an urge to hit the trail.
the other thing putting me off was the drop back from a 10km circuit to a 5km circuit of which we would do 4 loops.

so i asked mellum last night.
what should i pick?
trail or friends?
and it was unanimous. did a nice JRR at coot-tha.
heaps of people enjoying the mountain today.
including about 40 from galeforce running.
relatively cool early.
was almost finished by the time i would've started at vic point.
home by 8am.

trail is my mistress.
and i visit her as often as i can.

saturday: off
sunday: 45mins local park morningside
monday: 30mins hill walk tready
tuesday: minnippi 13km approx and massage
wednesday: JRR 14km coot-tha 93.30
off tomorrow


Blogger Jen said...

I won't tell them. You're secret is safe with me ;-)

I love that JRR is now generally accepted so that it is doesn't need further detail!

6:40 AM  
Blogger Bellthorpe said...

I'll tell them!

9:48 AM  

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