Sunday, January 16, 2011


felt like i got my mojo back at bogong.
just did the 'egg and spoon race' (35km to langfords).
admittedly the weather was 'porefucked' as spud would say and the track as cleared as it gets but was surprised i could manage a 6.24 with such ease.
previously did a 6.18 to langfords the year i finished the thing but i was much much more shagged when i got there.
was a hotter year though.

really had only planned to do an easy 7.00-7.30 and miss the 6.30 cut.
got to mt bogong in 1.56 a minute off pb (couldnt help myself chasing people could i?).
'swicthed off' and got to the river in 3.35 (left at 3.39) and could only remember getting there last time in 3.10 or thereabouts so figured i would go 7hrs or so but rocketted up the hill.
figure my splits were a bit off for the river to ropers section too.
trotted most of the ropers to langfords section and felt strong all the way.

splits: biv hut 1.12 bogong 1.56 cleve 2.31 madd hut turn 2.49 big river 3.35-3.39 ropers 4.46 warby 5.14 track intersection 5.50 langfords 6.24
nice to catch up with the usual suspects.
whippy did a great job as RD too.
have pulled up well.

mojo is back.


Blogger Jen said...

Hard not to find mojo in such a beautiful part of the country!

8:53 PM  
Blogger Trev said...

Hi Dave, good to hear your on the mend. B2H is an awesome event, I was very impressed. If you ever want to go for a run I head out most mornings or evenings at mt cootha and we also have a regular social run there on tuesday nights. My mobile is 0422372154.

Trev (Paddy Pallin)

2:38 PM  

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