Friday, October 22, 2010

Year of the bro...

has ended.

officially pulled out of GNW yesterday.
of course i would like to see the course but now that the slam attempt is over there is less of a point.
...and i need to fix some sore bits.
have had a great year: 7 finished ultras (including a fatass or 2) including 2 x 100 milers.
highlight undoubtedly was alpine in march.
even did a marathon!
a big year for me.
AAWT seems like a lifetime ago.

january: glasshouse 55km 6.12
march: apline 100 mile 46.07
may: glasshouse 82km 10.28
june: reverse 6FT 45km 6.23
july: glasshouse 50km 5.49
august: 12FT 90km 14.52
september: glasshouse 100 mile 28.57
and the DNF at GOW

will enter razorback soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi David,

Sorry to read that you are out of GNW ...

Michelle is thinking of doing Razorback as well ... something about not wanting to finish teh year with a DNF at GOW.

Hope recovery is quick ..



7:57 AM  

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