Monday, September 13, 2010

So are you doing the slam?

in february 2008 paul monks started a thread (and poll) on CR entitled 'australian ultra grand slam plebisite'.

here is part of what he wrote by way of introducing the idea:
As a background, the USA Ultra Grand Slam model involves four 100 mile trail runs in separate states that occur over a 12 week period. A seperate entry fee is required to attain the Grand Slam and a sculpted eagle head trophy is awarded. The USA also has several other 'slams' that vary from this format but they are less formal.

the problem of course is that australia does not have 4 x 100mile trail runs over 12 weeks.
we have 4 sanctioned 100 mile trail runs (3 by aura, 1 by traq) in march (alpine), september (GH), october (GOW), november (GNW).
and then of course C2K (150 miles) is nicely positioned 4 weeks after GNW in december.
i have never run C2K but from what i am told it is about 50% road.

4 people who i have the utmost respect for completed GH, GOW, GNW and C2K in 2009.
this is a fucking huge achievement.
they are all legends.

the problem is not everyone will agree with what events should be included in a slam.
there are many arguments for/against each event being included which have been argued on the thread.
i won't repeat them all here.
and the lack of sanctioning doesnt help.
AURA is unlikely to ever sanction a slam that includes a non-AURA event (GH).

in the end i guess the idea of a slam is to encourage people to do crazy things which is what ultrarunning is all about.
we just need to respect other peoples choices, the work they put into training and competing and the motivations that drive them towards this.
and try and limit that 'pissed off feeling' we get when like-minded people have a different opinion and different goals.
it doesn't make yours any less worthy.
and this works both ways.

so am i attempting the slam?
well yes i am.
not sure how far i will get but i am half-way at the moment.
and thats a good start.
the next time someone asks me i will refer them to my blog.


Blogger Hamburglar said...

everyone wants to have there own slam hey? I am going for the slam tonight - 2 beers and two glasses of wine!

I reckon we should call yours the UCB slam - if you get it done that is!!! I notice Ourimbah is claiming it before you have done it though - in different calander years!

BTW - the real slam is "ratified" by each of the race directors GH, GOW, GNW and C2K. I think the guys who did it lasy year goyt something presented to them with each of the 4 signatures on it, which I thought was nice even though it wasn't AURA sanctioned.

I do notice Buzz has pulled the website. I wonder why?

Well done on your weekend effort BTW!

7:54 PM  
Blogger Jen_runs said...

My version of the slam is going for 4 x runs (of any duration) without getting injured ;-P

Congrats on your race on the weekend. Looking forward to following your journey to the slam!

10:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking forward to cheering you across the line after your third suceesful part of the slam ... see you at GOW100

Take care in the meantime

Eat Em

10:59 AM  
Blogger Alun said...

Cool. Maybe, just maybe, when you pull this off (as you undoubtedly will) you might want to tuck C2K under your belt too. I'm sure no-one's done all five and in future it will fit into anyone's version of the slam! :)

11:05 AM  

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