Tuesday, October 05, 2010


long story short is the left prepatellar bursitis is not behaving.
had a good 1st week post GH100.
almost too good.
had covered 70km in the 2nd week and felt great early but by saturday pulled up sore and missed sundays run.
there are 'gratey' bits over the inner half the kneecap that rub and get sore when i run.
decided to pop some cortisone in it the other day and pleased to say thats its settling but no doubt will cause me some trouble at GOW.
and yes i did it myself.

as whippetman says 'our ability to withstand pain is what separates ultra-runners from runners'.
i will once again put this theory to the test in 11 days time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Self medicating is a good thing ... :-)

See you at Apollo Bay

Eat Em

8:38 AM  

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