Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tight Hammies

been doing too many short runs this week ;)

ran a (10.7km) loop at wildhorse last weekend in 50.51
then walked the 'official' event straight after with the other half.
some rutted/muddy sections early and some sand near the end make it a little un-flat in places.
must've been doing 4.20s or so on the flat sections which was a nice feeling.
its a nice course and will be back.
my unofficial time would've had me 9th/52.

yesterday ran pinnacles 18km for the first time.
well other than when i ran the course on wednesday :)
just love brisbane forest park and remember being put off by the qld water 'do not enter signs' at the trailhead (its near the gold creek resevoir) a few years back and have simply done other trails since.
there are much more welcoming signs there these days.
a little overgrown near the start but nothing like hellhole break or blacksoil track after some rain.
all of the serious hills are in the first half in the clockwise direction then its the 'relative highway' of south boundary road on the way home.
did 2.03 in training on wednesday (42.00 gate, 1.12.00 half) - pulled back 10mins to the drinkstation (9km) so didn't have much work to do to get under the planned 1.50.
splits were 35.30 (gate), 1.02.00/1.02.30 (half), 1.46.57 finish.
only mandy (1st F) passed me in the second half and she's a much better downhiller than me.
so pleased that i could hold everyone else off.
next year is anticlockwise which wont suit me nearly as well - lots of steep downhills in the second half.
came 12th/55.

someone asked me yesterday what my plans are for the rest of the year.
guess its always pre-empted by my ability to injure myself for prolonged periods :)
first and foremost looking forward to doing my 1000th kilometer at glasshouse (80km) in may.
would also plan to pop into warwick the week later even if its just for the 10km.

later in the year i am not so sure.
i am mindful that gnw is a huge 'gap in my cv' but was keen to do the gow 100 miler this year.
hmmmmmmmm maybe 100km glasshouse/100 mile gow/100km gnw?!?
or should i just complete the 100 mile slam i started 3 weeks ago :p
need to keep fit and healthy though!


Blogger Yvette said...

YAY! Good to hear we might see you at Warwick.

5:18 PM  

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