Friday, October 02, 2009

Planning & Building

have done a bit more earlier than planned because of a busy end of work week.
will take it easy from now until GOW race day in 8 days time.
have done most of the usual prep - maps are a bit of an issue but have some coming up from victoria and not too worried anyway.
lots of freaking out about maps and creek crossings and nav etc.. etc... on the CR thread admittedly and understandably by those doing 'the big one'.
less of a worry for us 100kmers.
looking forward to the adventure.

went quicker than 5min/kms for the first time in a while this week - felt good.
and managed a sub 2.15 mr g's torture test at coot-tha on a coolish day.

thursday: off
friday: 14km flat 68.50 massage
saturday: off
sunday: 2.13 MGTT
monday: pilates/core
tuesday: 14km flat 74.40
wednesday: off
thursday: 30mins easy bike, massage and impromptu trip to dentist!
friday: 14km flat 74.10


Blogger Jen_runs said...

Best of luck with the race Bro. You give all of those who break consistently hope ;-)

8:25 PM  

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