Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cunninghams gap

looking east from mt cordeaux.
me inadvertently playing with gps.

spent the weekend near cunninghams gap.
(the other half had a work 'thing')
its a (757m) 'pass' in the great dividing range between mt mitchell (1175) and mt cordeaux (1144) found by allan cunningham a long long time ago.
the cunningham highway passes through there (brissie-> warwick) and its about 40mins from warwick.
some nice hikes aorund there.

monday: massage/needles
tuesday: black soil-scrub rd brissie forest park circuit 14km 1.50
wednesday: core
thursday: 14km flat 74.10
friday: 2hr walk
saturday: 2.5hr walk mt cordeaux and a bit further
sunday: 1hr easy bike 130watts


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