Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sucking it up

it can be a fine line with injuries sometimes.
decided when my foot bruise turned yellow last week that i would run on it.
wasnt comfortable at all but a week later could quite comfortably run with the pain.
always wonder how this changes biomechanics and no doubt is why the left side of my back was sore earlier in the week :)
keeping up some fitness despite the problems and will head out tomorrow for a 20km+ run.

mellum on tour continues. whippet returns from colorado/hardrock this week after becoming the only aussie to do the course in both directions.
spud left yesterday for an irish sojourn before tackling mt blanc!

alaska is recoveing well, scar all but healed. no sign of infection.
a much happier dog :)

thursday: 1hr stat bike
friday: same
saturday: rest
sunday: 1.5hr mt coot-tha run
monday-tuesday-wednesday rest and massage
thursday: easy 30min bike


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