Thursday, October 22, 2009

Alpine Summer

wednesday: 7km 38ish and pilates and massage
thursday: off
friday: 14km flat 75ish
saturday: mt coot-tha trail loop 10km 64.00 (and had a little fall!)
sunday: off
monday: off
tuesday: 14km flat 70.20
wednesday: 14km flat 69.40

cruising 5min/kms now - probably can even back off a little.
need to just tick over some cruisy miles for the next week or so.
will have a nice gentle trot around coot-tha/gap creek tomorrow.

unfortunately am bailing on lamington this year.
its supposed to be o'reillys-binna burra 22km on the saturday then return sunday.
2 years ago i did it as a nice out and back which does seem a little better for the DTI.
just not good timing this year - too close to GOW recovery.

so its going to be an alpine summer.


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