Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nude up G!

so i have a bet with mister G.
1st person to do a comeback ultra wins.
i was actually joking when i made that comment on his blog.
but now its too late, so as spud would say: giddyup!
not sure what we win.
lets say its one dollar.
i plan on doing mine 1 day before his.
whenever that is.

did lake manchester 21km today.
nice overcast day with some drizzle.
just love those creek crossings.
most enjoyable.
had to laugh at all the people tiptoeing around the first few then taking their shoes off for the 'big' one.
its a trail run people!

finished in 2.12.56 by my watch.
manged to do 6min/kms the last 7 over rolling hills.
had to walk bits though :)
i think 7km spilts were 41/50/42 approx (a little hill in the middle!).
went a bit quicker downhill than planned but saw lindsay phillips up ahead and just had to pass him!
overall a bit slower pace wise than my 3.24 in the 33km 2 years back.
but quicker than what i had planned from my 2.15 18.5km training run on the course on monday.

sunday: nothing
monday: 2.15hr lake manchester training run and massage
tuesday: nothing
wednesday: 1.30hr mt coot-tha (yes most trails back open now)
thursday: 30min bike at 140watts
friday: nothing
saturday: nothing
sunday: lake manchester 21km 2.12

whippy left for colorado on the weekend: hardrock 3 weekends away
spud leaves for OS soon too: mt blanc in august.
mellum is in travel mode :)


Blogger Yvette said...

well done on Lake Manchester. Glad to hear you're making your comeback.

7:48 AM  

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