Thursday, June 04, 2009

Old Man

whippet crossing creek on hell hole break
(no the title doesnt refer to him!!)

ok well its not the first time i have felt like an old man.
but this week whippet told me i had developed a little tummy (which i already knew thanks andy) and the ortho surgeon stared at my head the other day which seemed a little strange until he explained he was looking for grey hair.

so basically the ongoing knee narkiness he thinks was from the meniscus on the same side as the stress reaction (hence the grey hair/old man comment).
definately no tear or articular cartilage problem.
just an old meniscus.
in an old man :)

felt a little bad initially picturing me as a future hermannator style walking-ultrarunner with bad knees or maybe just give up and become a quilter like doggie.
then i had a look at my scan from 2003 and it looks exactly the bloody same.
so the fuck it programme continues!!

whippet was up from swine flu central this week so took him to brissie forest park (BFP) and did the hell hole - south boundary rd (SBR) - centre road loop.
had to laugh when he asked me what running wear he should bring: simple answer really tshirt and shorts.
had another laugh when he whinged at the start that he was cold.
never know if whippys joking or not but regardless this loop shall now be forever known as whippets whinge :p
shouldnt have challenged him to a hill race at the end tho: he is in pre hardrock form and me basically not run for 9 months..... gave him a good laugh tho.
i actually thought i could win!!
for the first 50 metres anyway.

friday: 20mins easy bike
saturday: nothing
sunday: easy 30mins soft track UQ
monday: whippets whinge 1.40
tuesday: nothing
wednesday: 40min bike 140watts
thursday: 2hrs BFP black soil - SBR - scrub rd. a nice little adventure.

will stick to trail for a little while longer.
nice being out there again.
kind of good mt coot-tha being closed, enjoying exploring BFP.
eventually will need to return to the hard surfaces.


Blogger Yvette said...

Welcome to the world of old farts. Good news is - it's all down hill from here!

10:12 PM  

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