Saturday, June 13, 2009

Still here

still here: just plugging away!
busy work week this week.
working 6 days in a row: now how did that happen?
will head to lake manchester/brissie forest park for a trot monday (day off) after a rest day tomorrow.
did do some hard surface runs this week and the knee still doesnt like it much but continues to improve.
probably didnt need to quite do sub 5's couldve just gone more slowly i guess :)
have more time this week so easier to stay off road.

friday: 30min stat bike
satiurday: nothing
sunday: 7km 34.30
monday: 5hr hike mt barney national park
tuesday: pilates, massage
wednesday: 30min stat bike
thursday: 7km 35.00
friday: nothing
saturday: 30min easy soft surface run


Anonymous Anonymous said...

*sigh* If I could run 5km in your 7km time I would be a very happy girl!

11:33 PM  

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