Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ebb Tide

the last kayak-related post i promise (well for a while anyway).
so i learnt what an ebb tide was the other day.
i decided to paddle along the brissie river under the gateway bridge to the bulimba creek and back.
so i get back to near the bridge and suddenly i am not moving other than going up and down and a bit sideways.
i paddle harder and harder and move maybe a foot.
i knew i would have the tide with me one way and against the other but this is ridiculous!
kept cracking (no other choice really) then got to the really tough bit.
they are building a duplicate gateway bridge and there are a few massive foot pods in the river which greatly reduce the width available for flow.
it was really cracking now and i am sure i provided great enterainment for the bridge workers sweating and toilng against the tide.

finally made it the other side of the bridge and into much calmer water and back to the car.
met another kayak dude when i got there and he seem somewhat impressed by my effort and yet mystified by my extreme stupidity.
'hey yeah look at the white water out there' was his comment.
in the end it only took about 25mins longer to get back than go out so i dont know what i was worried about.
apart from the few brief thoughts of ditching the 'craft' and walking back to the car :)

when TOH got home that night i tested her mariners knowledge (she has her boating licence) by asking her about tides and when they are the worst.
she asked me when high and low tide was and basically the worst time to go against it is midway between high and low which i of course had.
after she stopped laughing she then asked me when full moon was as this is the bad time as well.
oh dear.
more laughter ensued.
wont make that mistake again.
at least it felt like i had 'an adventure'.
later that week went from the other end of bulimba creek and had a much nicer time with the tides.

tuesday: 2.5hr paddle
wednesday: nothing
thursday: golf
friday: massage
saturday: away
sunday: away gentle swim
monday: nothing
tuesday: 2.5hr paddle and 15min gentle bike
wednesday: nothing
thursday: 30min gentle bike, pilates and massage
friday: nothing
saturday: 30min gentle bike
sunday: nothing

3 more sleeps until i can run :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gold! That post made me laugh out loud.

8:42 PM  
Blogger Jen_runs said...

Gosh, you have been busy. Love the new toy. So if I do a multi-sport event with a kayak leg I now know who to call (mind you, it's hard to think of such things right now - it's about minus 30 & the snow is bucketing down outside!)

So how did the first run go ?

6:07 PM  

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