Wednesday, November 19, 2008

multi-sport man

i like spud.
when i am running he makes up names for me like mountain man and quad man.
and when i am injured he makes up new ones.

shouldn't have jinxed myself poopooing the MRI scan report from a few weeks back.
my upper tibia/shinbone is now sore.
really sore.
its a bit of a worry because i basically had 2-3 weeks off post husky incident and after a few runs back its much more painful that it was ever before.
i presume this is the bony oedema or maybe a little crack but i dont want to think about that.
i will need some time off running somewhere between 4-8 weeks and will get some advice this week regarding a graduated return.
may need to go back and see the ortho dude.
so kepler is out and even though i only entered gobong this week that'll be out too.

basically i have cleared the calendar again with the next foreseeable run at alpine 100 miler next march: what a way to get back into it!!
the positive thing is that i feel really fit and healthy and the few runs i did do were suprisingly quick and effortless.
the 2:15 mr g's torture test was a real eye-opener and its a good sign for when i do get back into it fully.
TOH says i have never looked so buff which in a non kinky way is kind of frustrating.
was looking forward to tearing bogong apart this year.
and i can say that now as i will have a whole 14 months before bogong 2010 for people to forget this comment.

in the meantime i have switched to swimming and kayak.
hence the name change above.
its probably a good thing heading to the pool as i will be able to do some water running in future weeks.
TOH is also enjoying going to chandler with me.
of course when i do something i dont take it easy so my first swim was 800m then 1km the next day plus a paddle.
makes me think about grant hacketts comment (admittedly a few years ago before the 10km swim was an olympic event) about the 1500m being the 'marathon of swimming'.
so when some gump can just jump in and do a km on their second swim (admittedly a tad slower) this makes a mockery of this.
would like to see hacky have a couple of training runs then hit a road 30kmer.
kayaked maybe 8-9km yesterday.
better be careful as i have 2 rogered shoulders from previous 'incidents'.
have calmed down a bit now ;)

today i challenged whippet man to a kayak race and reved things up by calling him mr skinny arms.
considering he lives in geelong i have some time to train before kicking his arse.
bring it on!

monday: coot-tha trail loop 58.00 plus massage
tuesday: pilates
wesdnesday: 14km flat 68.00 painful++
thursday: off
friday: off
saturday: swim 800m
sunday: swim 1km and kayak
monday: nothing
tuesday: kayak 8-9km

multisport-man overNout


Blogger Tesso said...

Hang in there bro. I found with the swimming for the first few times it was just a mental thing that was stopping me going further than 1k. And boredom. Now if I stop after 1500m I call it an easy day, 2k is the norm, anything further I pat myself on the back.

Ok, so I am waaaaay slower than Hackett but there's no way 1500m is the marathon of swimming. Its maybe a 10000m track race. If that. I'm thinking a 10k swim would be more like a mara.

8:11 PM  
Blogger Alun said...

Must be very frustrating Dave, it's been a long time now.

Have to say though, there are some silver linings, Spud's "Carrie Bradshaw" comment being the best thus far!

Look forward to catching up on the 5th.


11:49 AM  

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