Sunday, October 19, 2008

MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imagination

the short version is my upper shin pain may be a stress fracture.
well at least the MRI says so.

things were going really well.
progressing towards lamington (43km) next weekend.
did 19km (mr g's torture test) at coot-tha on saturday fine.
and had physio permission for lamington.

saturday arvo i was playing with the dogs at the brother in laws.
the (slightly overweight) husky turned suddenly to chase one of the other dogs and basically hit me in the side of the shin right below my itb operation site.
unfortunately my pre-hit response was to plant the foot and present my itb knob to the 30kg dog which despite being on a diet still seems to get to 40km/hr in about 3 strides.

anyhoo...... after some girl like screaming and a quick roll on the ground clutching my knee everything seemed ok until i woke up this morning and have been limping all day.
the itb site seems ok its just the ligaments i was worried about.
felt a bit sorry for myself at work and decided to pop myself through the mri scanner.
well it looks like the husky hasnt done any damage: ligaments all fine.
but the shin pain i had last week which has now settled looks like is bony oedema (swelling) and a big stress fracture with the fracture line extending right into where one of the cruciates attach.

seeing the ortho dude on tuesday for a post-op itb checkup.
he may get a bit of a shock when i present him with some scans.
hopeful that he wont be that fussed about the mri scan to be honest.
everytime i have a scan i seem to have bony oedema (swelling) and i have been told i have had a stressie before without much pain to show for it.
just not convinced that what theyre seeing is actually a fracture.
at least i am pleased the husky hasnt ruptured a bloody ligament in my knee!

looks like lamingtons out! :)

monday: 14km coot-tha jen_runs run (JRR) 1.42
tuesday: nothing
wednesday: 14km coot-tha JRR 1.36 and massage
thursday: 30min gentle bike
friday: nothing
saturday: 19km coot-tha MGTT 2.15 and husky incident
sunday: limping


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