Tuesday, December 09, 2008

14 days

geeeeeee i am keen to get back running.
my other layoffs this year havent been so hard.
guess its the alpine running season and i am damn keen to get going again.
was commenting the other night at cr drinks that all the kayaking and swimming was nearly keeping me sane .... nearly.
have done some nice exploring down norman creek though and will have a look at bulimba creek tomorrow.
got TOH her kayak last week so we have 2 singles.
and have finally 'solved' the roofrack thing: going with the kayak cradle/roofrack holding 1 then the second in the boot.
just cant fit TOH and 2 kayaks in the one car without risking seeing one kayak fly off down the road.
we have quite a few river/creek access points close by so TOH can follow in her car.
we did discuss simply buying a new car to fit the two $700 kayaks in ;)
or maybe we should just buy a house on the riverfront? :)

tuesday: 1.5km swim
wednesday: nothing
thursday: 1km swim (couldnt be assed)
friday: 2hr kayak and pilates and massage and cr drinks!
saturday: 1.5hr kayak (easy)
sunday: nothing
monday: 1.5km swim

nice to catch up with the gang on friday.


Blogger Tesso said...

Riverfront doesn't help, stupid mangroves get in the way. You're not allowed to even pull a leaf of one let alone chop a couple out to gain access.

9:06 AM  

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