Monday, August 13, 2007


Mt Coot-tha All Trails Run
aka poor mans 12 foot (?8 foot)
aka hannas hilly run
Sunday 12th August. 47km 6.57.

this run was the fatass version of a fatass.
a few nutters getting together to try and run all the trails (give or take!) in mt coot-tha and gap creek reserve in 1 hit.
completely self-supported with a water tap at GCR and one visit to the car at the 36km mark.
the way things should be.
april this year hannah asked the question if anyone had done this before and was this a doable run.
i set about straight away trying to come up with a route/course and spent some hours drawing on photocopies of mt coot-tha maps at home.

unfortunately the clash with gold coast 24-48hr and the recent flu epidemic reduced our starters list but tamsin, susannah and i fronted the start line at 6am.
all 3 of us run pretty much the same pace and if i remember correctly finished within 3 mins of each other at the hares and hounds glasshouse race in january.

the course is very hilly and i mean VERY hilly with 5 climbs involving 'toe climbing' and trail steps along the way.
i was pretty 'hill-fit' after my time in colorado but half way up the kokoda trail for the second time i realised it was going to be a real sweaty day.
we didnt measure the course on the day but from previous measurements the whole thing was probably 47km or so.
it is a hilly 6 foot ;)

pretty pleased with the course (if i do say so myself!).
theres enough big hills that u can stand at the bottom look straight up and swear profusely (even if its under your breathe).
and most of the technical stuff (rocky single track) is right at the start and finish just to really test the core strength on tired legs! :) :)
in an ultra i think u need a few 'sweet f*ck yous' to make u feel worthy at the finish line.

for the record we ran together all day and finished in 6.57.24 which is of course the new course record ;)
so does this count as an ultra finish? if so its my 20th!! yipee!!!

didnt do much all week due to a narky calf (same problem i nursed thru warwick-gh double) but seems to have pulled up well.

1 final hardrock trip mention (for the moment)...
whippet sent me matt mahoneys (relatively brief) report here:
i could literally feel matts pain reading the report.
worth a read! (keep in mind the race time limit is 48hrs).

4 weeks til glasshouse.


Blogger Spud said...

Nice 20th ultra Bro, must get up there and join you one day.
Watch out Glasshouse.

7:21 PM  
Blogger Jen_runs said...

Sounds like fun Bro - particularly going up Kokoda. That is one great hill!

Might have to join in the fun one year!

8:27 PM  
Blogger Tesso said...

Congrats on the big 2-0 bro!

Wow, how's the stats for that ultra, twice as many girls as guys Has to be a first :-) Might be three times as many next year (I'm talking about Jen, not me!).

Glad you had fun out there.

8:39 PM  

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