Sunday, July 01, 2007

Work and Running and Running and Work

didnt have much time for anything else this week.
admittedly my working week started late - on tuesday but made up for it by working 9am to 11pm which pretty much stuffed me for the rest of the week.

pulled up with a niggle monday arvo.
when i dont know what a niggle is it means it cant be itbfs, plantar fasciitis, meniscus or bony oedema/stress fracture.
so when i was still a bit sore on saturday i did what i usually do .... ran.
and of course it feels fine now!

had the pleasure of running with jenruns on saturday around mt coot-tha/gap creek reserve and did a 13.6km loop including 2 steep climbs.
cant wait to see the garmin profile :)
finally figured out the kokoda t-shirt wearing people are actually from executive excellence and are training for the png trek.
saw them again on the mountain - 40 or so of them slowing us down on the way up to the powerful owl trail.
a nice morning.
thanks jen.

woke early again sunday to do gold coast HM.
ran it with an ex work-mate who promised me he wouldnt go faster than 5min/kms.
considering i ran for 2hrs saturday then an hour massage i was hoping he wasnt lying.
sat on 5.10s for the 1st half (55) then sped up a bit (4.55s) to finish in just under 1.47.
was feeling it in the last few kms!
felt a bit bad only staying with the CR cheersquad for an hour or so.
they do a fantastic job.

had nanna-naps on both days.
its been a while since i've done that :)

moday - 14km flat 70ish
tuesday/wednesday/thursday/friday - nothing
saturday - 13.5km hilly 1.52 and massage
sunday - gold coast HM 1.46.55

leave for hardrock friday.
whippet is feeling blistered but otherwise in good spirits.


Blogger Jen_runs said...

Thank you!

Feel free to pinch the profile.

If I don't get a chance to drop by again before you go, have a great time. Looking forward to reading about it.

8:23 PM  

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