Sunday, June 03, 2007

shopping, golf, pilates, cleaning and weddings

didnt do much this week at all.
after attending my brother-in-laws wedding 'weekend' flew down with the other half to a conference in melbourne as her official 'appendage'.
spent the time wisely playing golf on monday and shopping on tuesday.
the other way around would have been diabolical with 50knot winds in the city on tuesday somewhat reminiscent of 'the prom' the other week.

to my suprise i found a timberland (outdoor) store in the DFO (city).
timberland make some nice trail shoes and whilst some of their clothes may not look out of place in brokeback mountain if u choose wisely u can do well.
the good news is they apparently now have stores in brissie (DFO) and sydney but the downer is they dont have any trail shoes in the aussie stores DOH!

got some more feedback on the official biomech report and theres lots to do.
did some pilates stuff with the ultrasound this week and will do more next week.
i will eventually become the 6 million dollar man ... faster, stronger ....
oh well maybe the 6 million dollar part anyway.

did a 10km run on monday and 69 minute 14kmer on friday otherwise bludged all week.
starting to feel human again and will probably head bush tomorrow.
had grandiouse delusions about doing the 10km today at qld half/10km but my body would have killed me and anyway i had to work.
should have a crack at the mt coot-tha run next weekend but we'll see...

spent all day saturday cleaning my 'junk' room with aim 1 being of course to completely rearrange and categorize the 'map library' which has now grown to significant size.

brendan/2p the hypoxicator is from altipower:
i have the one with the finger oxygen saturation probe.
will play with it this/next week.


Blogger Tesso said...

The 10k may have killed you but you would have survived the 8.8k :)

Actually one of the random prizes was a breathing thingo.

1:25 PM  

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