Thursday, July 12, 2007

Not. Coming. Home.

million dollar highway (silverton to ouray) from bear creek trail overpass (near ouray)

jim, tom and john on the trail up to v-pass

my first view of hardrock course markers


its lovely here.
currently staying in ouray which is the north pt of the course.
have to admit to being a little intimidated driving into town and seeing nothing but 13000ft mountains surrounding in every direction.
bit the bullet and went on course marking on monday morning which was from telluride (to the west) to virginius pass (13000ft/3900m).
didn't suffer much from altitude - some lightheadidness which passed and a headache at the top.
not as scary as i thought but then again it was great weather (tshirt and shorts!!), daytime, little/no wind and i was with people.
would be much scraier at night - tho i guess u wouldnt be able to see hoe far u could fall.
i know now what a 'basin' is.
when u stand on top of one of these mountain passes u look down and its like youre standing on the edge of a wash basin (or more accurately a toilet bowl!).
its a damn long way down.

had a rest/tourist day yesterday and went on a 2hr run to 11000ft today.
bit of a bummer having to do outNbacks as it curtails what u can do.
have looked at lots of the 'little bits' of the course eg. trails in and out of the towns but will go to the briefing tonite and hear about the 'big bits' like the 12 mountain passes that i havent done!!
getting used to life here in the US.
the country music and christian rock is even feeling soothing on the longish drives.
there isnt much choice anyway and when youre about to head up to 3900m when youre not really acclimitized hearing a little about jesus isnt a bad thing!!

trying to do some course 'stripping' :) on the weekend and see more of the course.
will try and check in later.
cant wait to get home and post some piccies up.
but of course i might just stay here!!


Blogger Tesso said...

Country music I like ... but Christian Rock!!! Hmmmm, way too much time in the thin air I think Bro.

1:32 PM  
Blogger Horrie said...

Sounds like you are having a great time Bro. I can understand you not wanting to come back. I was starting to think like that after WS. So many trails to run.

7:44 PM  

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