Monday, June 18, 2007

montrails at manchester

lake manchester run this weekend.
33km with 750m up/down most of it strung together so u can at least get in some sort of rhythm albeit a slow one!
LM is in the western section of brisbane forest park which is attached to gap creek reserve and mt coot-tha (to the east) and is basically a giant disneyland for trail runners.
had only been this far west once before when (with tam, tam and AB) i did 'poor mans half bogong' a few months ago: when we covered a similar distance in 6 hours!!
ran with kato the whole way and it was nice to have his company.
beautiful views of the (now disappearing) lake from the top/boombana knob.
excellent organisation by greg and his TRAQ team in their first attempt.
felt a bit guilty running and not helping out for a change!
we finished in a comfy 3.24 which i thought was pretty quick until i heard we were almost an hour behind the winner!
a guy called christian cobbold did the 21km (with hills!) in 1.22. amazing!!
the quick guys should definately stick to bitumen and leave the trail and ultra stuff to the tortises ;)

got the new montrail hardrock shoes this week and have already run in them twice on trails.
it was great to test out the grip on the weekend.
get the feeling i pronate a tad with them but maybe i'm just paranoid.
...regardless i'm in love!
is it wrong for a man to love a trail shoe?

a long time work and running mate just phoned and it looks like i will run gold coast HM with him.
he did a 1.23 in his first attempt a few years back but i'm pleased to say he's been busy having babies lately and is wanting to just sit on 5 min/kms which is fine by me.
pity i wont be there for the 'whole' CR cheersquad experience but i will be there nevertheless.

acclimation (US term!) going well.
doing daily 70-80min sessions and feel comfy even on 10% oxygen now.
fingers crossed that whippy gets thru ws100 next weekend and i have some pacing duty to do at hardrock.
my thought are with the 'aussie assault' at ws100 this weekend.

monday: cootha run 10km 43.43
tuesday: physio and 60min bike at 130-140watts
wednesday: nothing
thursday: 1.15hr run at whites hill reserve (thanks for the tip tanky!) and massage
friday: 60min bike at 140 watts
saturday: nothing
sunday: LM run 33km 3.24

hardrock in 4 weeks.


Blogger Tesso said...

You thanked Tanky for the White's Hill Reserve tip. It was a tip at one stage wasn't it :-)

Nice work at LM. That Christian is one fast dude, he blitzed the field in most BRRC races last year. I wondered where he got to, obviously discovered the 'joys' of trails.

3:45 PM  
Blogger Jen_runs said...

There is nothing wrong with a perfectly platonic relationship between man & trail shoe. There is however a line - thankfully I don't think you've reached it yet

8:03 PM  
Blogger The Owl said...

LOL! your comment on my blog! I thought as a Dr nothing would be "too rude"?

10:31 PM  

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