Monday, June 11, 2007

'almost a pb'

i guess that term shouldnt really exist.
there are pbs and pws and a lot inbetween.
ran the yearly mt cootha race this morning.
9.6km with approx 250m ascent/descent.
these days i usually run the trails of 'my second home' so i relish the chance for a quick hitout along the hard stuff.
after doing a 45.30 training run last week i figured my pb of 43.29 was looking pretty safe today and have to admit i almost didnt set the alarm last night!
ran what i thought was a nicely paced race for a 43.43 finish but obviously i needed to skim 14 seconds off somewhere!
and where was the cr cheersquad when u need them? ;)
for the record (and my future reference) splits were: 16.20 (top of hill/3km), 33.30 (roundabout).
felt great about 10 seconds after i finished so at least the endocrine system has finally recovered post w-g double.

did my first altitude session last night on the hypoxicator.
needed 12% (4500m) to get down to the target oxygen levels in the blood.
nothing unpleasant happened except the mask was a bit claustrophobic at first.
will have another 1 hr session today.

will do lake manchester next weekend - a nice hilly 33km.
and i need to give gcoast some thought.
made a verbal pact with karisma to have a crack at a sub90 HM but we didnt shake on it :) and to be honest i wouldnt have a hope of shaving 4 mins off the pb at the mo.
pretty fit but just no speed in the legs.
may jog the HM or try for a sub42 (?sub41) 10km or just cheer!!

monday - 10km cootha 45.50
tuesday - 1hr bike 140 watts
wednesday - massage
thursday - 30mins bike (up to 200 watts), 20mins walk/run tready
friday, saturday, sunday - nothing!

wishing happy travels to cr davo who left for a new life on the 'southern island' yesterday.

5 weeks til hardrock.
need to stop sticking needles in the whippet man doll!


Blogger Jen_runs said...

In Sydney :-)

Do the half at GCM: (a) you know you want to and (b) take advantage of the cheersquad's cheers when they are available ;-)

11:02 AM  
Blogger Tesso said...

Nice work on the mountain this morning Bro. One less piece of pizza on Friday night and I reckon you would have been 15 seconds faster.

1:57 PM  
Blogger Jen_runs said...

I've got Lincoln Hall's new book but haven't read it yet. I actually met him two weeks ago :-)

5:46 PM  

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