Saturday, May 12, 2007

The No-Run Taper

aka "the extreme taper".
aka the opposite of the "reverse taper".

had a sick tummy last week which dragged on to this week.
(the wilsons prom water i think).
and decided to be proactive about the calf/hammy and now a massage has had me sore for the last 2 days.

so i decided bugger it.
i'm not running until warwick.
not a bloody step.
it'll be about 10days inbetween runs but i've had much longer off than that before.
think i did a no run taper for a gh50km one year when i did nothing but bike for 3 weeks before.

may hop on the bike today otherwise wrap myself in nurofen gel impregnated cottonwool for the next week.
i would think warwick wont be a problem but the leg will give me some grief during the 80kmer at glasshouse.
looking forward to it!
it will be a challenge :)

1 week until warwick-glasshouse double.

thanks for the comments team.
spud i have my new apex already - no questions asked.
i am allergic to bodyglide (wont devulge the details but needless to day it wasnt pretty) and have found sportshield to be good but doesnt last as long as good ol' vas.
the toyota corolla was the sensible sleep option B.
i'll need to get a new (digital) epirb myself before mid next year.


Blogger The Owl said...

Looking forward to catching up at Warwick :-)

4:57 PM  
Blogger Tesso said...

What Owly said :-)

9:35 PM  
Blogger Virtual said...

UCB, You've done some big races this year. A deep taper won't do any harm at all. Regards, Emil Zatopek

10:24 PM  
Blogger Tamyka said...

Hey dude, at the Qld Half today, there was a display by Striderm about their Anti-Chafe Lotion and Anti-Chafe Extreme Roll-Ons. Both have dimethicone, like SportShield, and the Extreme is supposed to last for longer. I have heaps of SportShield left so didn't buy any to try, so I can't say whether it lasts longer than SportShield, but you might care?

5:37 PM  

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